This week on American Liberty with Bill Lockwood. He had three guests in studio discussing the ongoing debate with vaccine mandates in Wichita Falls. Also, a new policy that the city of Wichita Falls will begin to implement.

Bill Lockwood is the host of American Liberty which you can listen to Saturday mornings at 11 AM on NewsTalk 1290 and 96.3 FM. This week he went into a wide range of topics that affect a lot of people here in Wichita Falls. With Bill's permission, I reached out to him about this week's show and how it affects you.

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1. Bill Lockwood lays out a case to show that socialistic-minded leaders across the world are utilizing COVID-19 for totalitarian control via the vax mandates. However, peoples around the world are beginning to push back. What will America do?

2. SPECIAL GUESTS: DEREK RUVALCABA (former employee at United Regional Hospital); STEVE JACKSON (member of City Council, WF); ANNIE JACKSON (concerned citizen and member of Patriot Strength in WF). All three speak out against the mandates as they have been implemented at United Regional Hospital, PLUS
An examination of the "Extended Sick Leave Policy" implemented by the City of Wichita Falls, TX, and recently sent out by City Manager, Darren Leikert. The policies are discriminatory against the "unvaccinated" by disallowing them to participate in the sick-leave pool set up by the city government. How did this particular discriminatory policy get into the city government? City Councilman Steve Jackson points out that the City Council is supposed to be the entity that sets these policies--but in this case this did not occur. 

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