One of the most outspoken doctors about Covid treatments is Doctor Stella Immanuel out of Katy, Texas. Looks like the Texas Medical Board has fined her for her actions.

You may remember a video was being taken down from all social media platforms from a group of doctors in Washington DC. They claimed Covid was curable and one of those people is Dr. Stella Immanuel. She said that the drug hydroxychloroquine could cure the disease. Multiple studies have found this doesn't cure Covid.

The problem with saying this is a cure all is that this drug, like any drug, should not be taken without your doctor's approval. So folks scared of Covid or having Covid could take this hydroxychloroquine. The problem is this drug can be fatal for those with heart conditions. So once again do not take this without permission from your doctor. That should go without saying, but people believed this woman.

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This woman also believes that a woman waking up with an upset stomach could be the result of a demon having sex with them in their sleep. Believe what you want, but don't go around taking prescription medication unless it is approved by your doctor. Looks like Texas Medical Board has fined Dr. Stella Immanuel $500.

She has also been ordered to submit a copy of her informed consent document to the board's compliance division. She has to enact policies and procedures requiring all consent documents be reviewed and signed by the patient before treatment with off-label medication begins.

I don't see her backing down from her claims and $500 seems like nothing to me. So I imagine she will just keep doing what she is doing.

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