The outlook, however, is not at all doom and gloom if you're a fan looking for a new Soulfly fix. Max Cavalera and the dudes aren't reinventing their sound or venturing into uncharted territory with "Bloodshed" so if the song is any indication of what to expect from the new album, Savages, when it arrives, traditionalists should be more than happy with the disc.

What is new is the addition of yet another Cavalera into the fold with Max's 21-year-old son Zyon behind the drum kit. Talk about making a brother feel old, I swear to God it was just a couple of years ago when these ears first heard the heartbeat of the then in-utero Zyon that marks the beginning of "Refuse / Resist", the opening track of my personal favorite Sepultura album, Chaos A.D. Here's what Max had to say about working with Zyon on the new record:

I worked for the first time on a full album with my son, Zyon. Before recording the album I first worked closely at home with him in preproduction, and it was great to spend weeks on the songs with Zyon, shaping the sound of the record.

Zyon did a great job and he hits really hard just like his uncle Igor.

It was amazing recording with my son. A whole record! A dream come true for a father whose life is dedicated to metal. "Savages" is a celebration of all that.

Savages is out October 1 on Nuclear Blast Records.

[via Blabbermouth]