New York Death Metal stalwarts Immolation have come through once again with their latest offering Kingdom of Sorrow. Not that it's any surprise seeing as the boys from Yonkers have a knack for never disappointing me.

There's a big difference between having your own sound and staying true to it and putting out what is essentially the same thing over and over and Immolation fall into the former rather than the latter. Yeah, you know what you're getting with an Immolation album but as any fan of the band knows, every album stands on it's own as a unique statement from a band that epitomizes 'labor of love'. They could give in to being worn out from working a ton of hours at their respective day jobs and go through the motions, but 'mailing it in' isn't a low these guys would stoop to.

Kingdom of Conspiracy is a testament to a band that continue to push themselves to create great music and I think there's a valid argument that Immolation are putting out their best music 25 years into their career.

Bassist / vocalist Ross Dolan hit me up on the BuzzLine for the May 11 edition of The Oath to talk about the new album, balancing their music with day jobs, lyrical inspiration and more. Listen to our conversation below.

Ross Dolan - Immolation Interview Part I

Ross Dolan - Immolation Interview Part II

Kingdom of Conspiracy is out now on Nuclear Blast Records.