I wish I would have gotten a turkey instead of my two hundred dollar speeding ticket. 

We all have that little panic attack when we see those red and blue lights behind us. Oh crap was I speeding? What did I do? A million scenarios run through all of our heads. Forst Worth residents were in for quite the surprise this week when they were pulled over for minor traffic violations.

Jacoby Williams was pulled over for not having a front license plate. He was shocked to say the least when he was handed a turkey instead of a ticket. “Not really sure all my wife has planned. We may fry it. May give it away,” Williams said. “It's a good, very cool thing that they're doing."

The frozen turkeys were donated to the Fort Worth Police Department. But instead of keeping them, officers used them to spread good will by turning what's usually a moment of dread into a happy surprise. They gave away twenty-five turkeys on this day. Cool move Fort Worth police department.

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