Imagine doing something nice for the community and this is the thanks you get.

Oklahoma Barbershop Does Awesome Turkey Giveaway

Shout out to everyone across the country doing Thanksgiving giveaways to help ensure no one goes hungry on this holiday. We just did one in Wichita Falls recently (I will put photos of that below). However in Oklahoma City, someone thought they were entitled to more. As you can see above, Oklahoma City barber shop Fade-N-Up did a turkey giveaway yesterday.

540 Turkeys Were Given Away

Fade-N-Up was able to raise over $11,000 for the event. Thanks to donations from the community they were able to put on this event. Technically the event didn't start til 2PM, but folks were lined up as early as 4AM yesterday for a turkey. Sadly this event is now going viral for all the wrong reasons. A man pulled a gun during the giveaway in an attempt to get an extra turkey.

Footage of the Incident Caught Below

News 9 was on the scene just covering an awesome turkey giveaway. Should be a pretty easy shoot, film some people handing over turkeys, just a feel good story all around. At one point during the day, a man in a pickup truck flashed a gun at one of the volunteers to try and get a extra turkey. He was told he would have to get back in line to get an extra turkey and that is when the gun was flashed.

Thankfully No One Was Shot During the Incident

The driver peeled off, it was a wet day so took them a bit to get out of there. The Fade-N-Up crew said even with this incident it was all worth it. Seeing all the smiles on people's faces all day made it worth it. Hundreds of turkeys were given away and that is what they want the folks of Oklahoma City to remember. News 9 got a pretty good shot of the vehicle and the license plate. Maybe the Oklahoma City police should pay this person a visit.

Carlson Law Firm Thanksgiving Giveaway 2023

The Carlson Law Firm Wichita Falls office did free Thanksgiving meals for Wichita Falls families recently and here are some of the folks that won. In total 20 Thanksgiving baskets were given away. Everything you need to put on an epic Thanksgiving was included. Some folks could not attend the event, but they will pick up their baskets later. Below is everyone who was able to make it out so we could snap a photo.

Gallery Credit: Stryker

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