The internet came together and helped a cat keep his job. 

Just outside of Fort Worth in White Settlement, Texas a public library exists like in a lot of towns. This one is a little different. When you go check out a book, you may notice a cat. His name is Browser and the library got him six years ago to deal with their rodent problem.

The White Settlement city council recently took a vote to evict Browser from the library. Ron White, the mayor of White Settlement, is the one who brought the vote to evict Browser. White himself said he has never been in favor of removing Browser and it remains unclear why the councilmen suddenly took issue with the cat.

The internet came to the rescue of Browser. White received letters from all 50 states, Australia, Canada, Iceland, France, Germany, England, Guam, Malaysia and Singapore. All to help out a cat. The city was largely in favor of keeping the cat, collecting over 1,000 signatures for a petition in his favor.

Now that the controversy is behind the small city, White said he is glad it’s all over with. “It was a waste of time and money. It was ridiculous to do that and they did it without thinking ahead,” he said. “It was absolutely wrong to begin with.”

Some people may be thinking, what about people with cat allergies? The library has an air purifier that removes 99 percent of allergens from the air. So need to hate on the little kitty cat.