This is awesome! They're one of two cities in Texas that will be going all renewable energy.

Looks like Denton is going to be known nationwide, at least in the going green community. Denton will be using only solar and wind power for their electricity needs by 2020. “We want to make sure we are doing what we can for the environment, but it is also good business because of the market that we are in right now,” said Denton Mayor Chris Watts.

The city council approved last week to the city's energy plan that would make this greener plan a reality in the next few years. What is the other city in Texas that uses only renewable sources? That would be Georgetown just a few miles south of Denton. They're the current largest green city, but that will change. Unless Georgetown has some epic population growth in two years. Georgetown made the change in 2015 to renewable energy sources.

I'm all for renewable energy sources. These are cleaner for our environment than others and I would hope to see more cities hop on board as well.

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