How come this has been going on since 2002 and I am just now hearing about it? The No Pants Subway Ride happened last Sunday in 60 cities in 25 different countries and it sure seemed like a pretty good reason to install a subway right here in Falls town.

The event was started back in 2002 in New York City by seven guys who thought it would be funny if in the middle of January, people just walked onto the subway dressed in a jacket and hats and gloves but no pants. I have to say the results are pretty cool although I think being there in person could only make it better.

The Improv Everywhere comedy group is in charge of it and ever since the inaugural No Pants Subway Ride the event has grown and for the first time Hong Kong and Shanghai joined in on the fun this year.The event is open to all ages and a older gentlemen from Queens won a prize for being the oldest person to participate. He was 82.

And here is a video about the first ever No Pants Subway Ride.

Are you interested in joining the next ride? Well the next date won't be announced until this December but until then you can check out the Improv Everywhere website and see videos and pictures for every year since it started.  Click Here!