I can't believe one of the simplest pranks ends up with police showing up on the scene.

The guys at Improv Everywhere love pulling pranks on innocent New Yorkers, but they never seem to hurt anybody with their pranks. So I was honestly shocked to hear that the cops were called and several people were put into handcuffs during their latest prank. The prank was simple, go into a Gap Store and then wear a full white suit to make you look like a mannequin.

Simple enough hurting no one in the process, all in good fun. Well someone who works at the Gap store called the police saying, "We have a flash mob inside of the Gap." I honestly can't believe police were actually called to deal with this situation. The flash mob was hurting no one and I was not aware that was a reason to call the police. No one got arrested, but still a successful prank, I guess.

Check Out the Mannequin Mob Prank Below: