Tonight is a new episode of Parks and Recreation on NBC with special guest Patton Oswalt and even if your not a huge fan of the show this clip will still amaze you. Oswalt plays a citizen who is attempting to filibuster the city council meeting. And according to the scrolling words at the start of the video, the producers of the show told Oswalt to "ramble a bit about whatever subject he wanted," and being a bit of a nerd himself, he choose Star Wars to ramble on about, and his ideas for Episode VII don't sound to bad, except the for the death and rebirth of Chewbacca, that's a little to far. Check out the clip below and keep in mind this is an unedited, continuous shot which is completely improvised by Oswalt. You can see the episode tonight on NBC starting at 8 o'clock, although they will probably edit this scene a little bit.