Bras are indeed a good thing. They keep the “girls” in place, they look pretty when you buy the right one, and they can make a woman feel confident simply by adding cleavage. A manufacturer in Japan is capitalizing on the bra by creating a cool treat for the summer months – the ice bra!

Triumph is known more for inventing products that never actually hit the market, but now they’re turning their sights on something more practical. Japan is looking to reduce energy this summer and the country has asked citizens to rely less on air conditioning. That means, of course, that people will need a new way to cool down.

Women can purchase the pretty bras, made with a fish tank design, to stay comfortable when the heat goes up. Because their web site is in Japanese, I’m unsure of the cost of the bras, but it’s something that we in Texoma could probably use.

Even though it’s a great idea, I have a slew of questions about this product. Is the ice secure so that when it melts it doesn’t make a mess? How long does the ice last? Is there enough protection between the ice and one’s body so the girls don’t get frostbite? It’s pretty, but is it comfortable? Will the ruffles show up under a t-shirt? I may just need to investigate this further and see if I can get my hands on one of my own.

Ladies, would you buy an ice bra?

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