This guy right here is the ultimate troll and I love it.

Last night was not a fun night to be a Dallas Stars fan. If you missed the game, the Stars lost in double overtime in St. Louis. It was a crazy game and shoutout to Ben Bishop for the Stars. Played one hell of a game, blocking over fifty shots on goal. Sadly, the Stars couldn't help him out on offense with his monster game.


The one thing that did have me smiling after the game was this Blues fan behind their team's bench. To explain this guy, we need to go back to Sunday's game in Dallas. A woman who was very...well endowed...was wearing a very low cut top behind the Stars bench. She was on camera every time they cut to Stars head coach Jim Montgomery.

Last night's game in St. Louis had a guy clearly mocking this woman with her similar outfit. He even tried to 'fill it out' like she did and that is what had me dying last night every time they showed their bench. So shoutout to you Blues fan, you made me crack a smile during that very stressful game.

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