This lady wanted to ruin the family photo, so now the family is sharing it for all to see.

Monica Davila has a family tradition of going to Garner State Park to float the river just outside of Uvalde, Texas. She got her family to take a photo in front of the sign where another group was already next to. Someone from the group took a photo for the family, but another woman in that group decided to pull out her boob and flash the camera.


Photo has since been removed from Facebook, but here is a screenshot from the photo. 

Monica didn't look at the family photos until Monday when she was going to put them up online. Good thing she checked them and noticed this woman's boob. Monica was a little upset about the situation. "I was upset that the boob was flashed in my family photo," said Monica. "I immediately thought to myself, who does that?"

Since the woman apparently wanted attention, Monica gave it to her. She posted the photo to Facebook, exposed breast and all. The photo quickly went viral, capturing international attention. "This person wanted her boob to be seen and I am going to help her with that mission," said Monica.

Someone has to know who this woman is and I'm sure someone has already made her aware she is going viral. I just want to know if this woman is going to message Monica and ask her to take it down.

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