Who doesn't absolutely love this commercial? That's right, disembodied voice that answers the questions I ask when no one is around, no one. In fact I would argue that this Old Spice ad campaign transcended advertising and entered into pop culture. Everybody from the Today Show to ESPN cashed in on the popularity on the "I'm on a horse old spice guy bit". Old Spice might have done it again, but this time it's interactive.

Any of us over the age of 10 probably remember the advent of "interactive advertising" during the Myspace era. Constant annoying banners all flashing all over the website inviting you to shoot  three ducks to win a prize or throw a football to Tim Brown for an Oakland Raiders towel.  It seems Old Spice has once again taken advertising to an entirely different level. On August 20th Old Spice and Vimeo released an Old Spice interactive video featuring Terry Crews, also know as Cheeseburger Eddy, the worlds largest dancing robot. In the video Terry is wired up like a human lab experiment surrounded by a lot of musical instruments. He then begins to flex his cartoonish muscles firing off drums, keyboard sounds, and yes even flaming saxophones. The best part of the video is at the end, however, because Cheeseburger Eddy then gives you control. All you need to do to create your own musical masterpiece played by Crew's pecks is type on your keyboard, record, and share on Facebook.

The Video is below... and yes you can thank me later.

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