It’s inevitable – someone will attempt to steer the conversation toward politics during your Thanksgiving gathering.

Mattel has the solution, though. They just rolled out UNO Nonpartisan right in time for the holidays.

They took all of the red and blue cards out of the deck and replaced them orange and purple.

Realizing the absence of red and blue cards might not be enough to deter political discussion, they threw in a “veto” card you can play to skip someone’s turn as soon as they start getting political.

I’m not sure if it’ll be enough to bring the lefties and right-wingers in your family to the middle on Thanksgiving, but hopefully it’ll be enough of a distraction to get you through your gathering without a knock-down-drag-out breaking out at the table.

The UNO Nonpartisan Cards are only available at Walmart, but are currently out of stock.

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