Petaluma, California was home this past Friday to the 25th Annual World’s Ugliest Dog competition. The winner this year is Mugly, a Chinese crested, who’s an 8-year-old rescue dog from the UK.

It’s not just the photo shoots and recognition that come with the title. Bev Nicholson, Mugly’s owner, received $1,000 and Mugly gets a year’s worth of dog cookies. It’s quite an honor for this so-ugly-he’s-cute pooch who also brought home the titled of Britain’s ugliest dog in 2005.

The dogs who enter this competition are judged on what organizers say are their "natural ugliness in both pedigree and mutt classes."

If it were cats who were competing for a title such as this, they would probably figure out what was going on and revolt. Dogs, on the other hand, are just happy to have people petting them and showing them love. While these dogs are indeed being judged for being ugly, the fans in the crowd are excited about the pooches and get a charge out of their looks. It’s a great concept.

Do you have an ugly pet?