With recent posts like the guy who had a moth stuck in his ear, I thought it to be a good time to compile more gross videos, perfect for watching in a group to see which of your friends will puke first.

In case the title wasn't enough, some of these videos are incredibly graphic.  Viewer discretion is advised.  (Always wanted to say that.)

25-Year-Old Blackhead - We'll start this with a video that's been making the rounds on the internet.  I just want to know how someone could let something like this go untouched for so long.

Mangoworms in Dog's Skin - From the description of the video, the owners of the dog have a mound of sand in their lot that the dog likes to sleep on.  Apparently, the sand was a breeding ground for Mangoworms/Maggots that started growing under the dog's skin.  Best way to get them out?  Squeeze.

Surgery to Repair Nail in Foot - The first of three videos from the BBC series 'Bizarre ER' to be featured on this post, the cringe factor comes from the surgery itself.  Odds are you'll feel your foot tense up watching this.

Impacted Wax & Something Else - Going on from the moth in the guy's ear, here's a guy who had an extreme amount of impacted wax in his ear, hiding a little surprise.

Dislocated Thumb - Its bad enough to imagine dislocating your finger, but add on the slight issue of the bone shifting back and breaking through the skin.  You know you're injury is unique when its the talk of all the doctors.

Bot Flies in a Monkey - You've likely seen videos of a bot fly or two being removed from a person.  But here we have a multitude of bot flies, so big in comparison to this tiny monkey that the holes for the larvae look like craters.

Mangled Hand - This is why you always need to be careful with power tools.


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