A while back I put together a post about five cyst popping videos just as a goof.  Funny enough, that is still one of my most viewed posts because its the second listed site when you Google "Cyst Popping Videos".  As its been nearly two years since I made that post, I figured now's the time to do another one!  WARNING:  These videos range from "Oh my... that's gross," to "OH HOLY CRAP!"

Home Removal of a Toenail - My toes just instinctively curl up when I watch this.

Giant Booger Extraction - Now I understand why my parents always got on my case about not blowing my nose.

Nose Packing Removed - Ever wonder what happens when a broken nose is all healed up?

Extreme Black Heads - This could be the greatest ad for Clearasil.

Man Loses Face To Cancer - Let me be perfectly clear, I'm not making light of this man's condition and I greatly debated including it in this post.  No jokes here, just the harsh, and cringe-inducing truth about cancer.



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