If anyone is grossed out by this post, you have my wife to blame.  The other day I came up to the studios and because of some bad news I just got about a family member, I just wasn't feeling terrific.  I called my wife and told her that I needed to cheer up before I started my show.  Showing that she knows me all too well, my wife told me, "It's OK sweetie.  Just take a moment and breathe.  Then look up some cyst popping videos on Youtube.  That always seems to work."  5 minutes later I had the idea for this post.  Thanks Honey!

The ever classic "Two Girls, One Cyst".

Judging by the trash bag gown, these people are professionals.

I think the cyst just broke a distance record with this pop...

I'm just amazed at how much was in there!

Its the squeeze around the 2:20 mark that gets this video on the list.

Honorable Mention - The Cow

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