The "Resident Evil" film series is not the best received sci-fi/horror franchise of all time, but still seems to be popular enough to take it up to five films.  In my opinion, the second film did the best job of adapting the video game franchise into a movie.  The rest of the films seem like average zombie films with the "Resident Evil" name slapped on.  However, something that keeps bringing me back to the series is Milla Jovovich.  Not only is she a good actress, she's beautiful.  She's the only actress that both my wife and I would jump on given the chance.

One thing that Jovovich is known for is the constant tweeting or pictures and videos while on set on her films.  Recently, Jovovich tweeted this picture after spending some time in the make up chair,

Also, Jovovich posted a video she took of co-stars Johann Urb as Leon Kennedy and Boris Kodjoe returning from the previous film as Luther West (apparently, he wasn't killed as we were lead to believe in "Afterlife").  From this short video, we can see that the filmmakers are doing what they can to keep Leon as close as possible to his video game version in "Resident Evil 4".


Also returning for "Resident Evil: Retribution" are Oded Fehr as Carlos Olivera, Michelle Rodriguez as Rain Ocamp, and Colin Salmon as One.  The strange thing is that all of these characters were killed on screen.  Unlike Luther's implied death in the previous film, we got to see these character get blown up, turn into a zombie and get shot in the head, and cut into pieces by a laser grid, respectively.  There's always the possibility these characters will be seen in flashbacks, but that hasn't been verified yet.  Sienna Guillory will also return as Jill Valentine, last seen in a post credit sequence from "Afterlife", and Shawn Roberts as the villain Albert Wesker.  Joining the cast will be Kevin Durand and Bingbing Li as established "Resident Evil" video game characters Barry Burton and Ada Wong.  Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller will not be returning for this movie, with the story explaining that their characters have been captured by Umbrella.

"Resident Evil: Retribution" is set for release in 3D in September 2012.