Prepare yourselves for the Hornets to return to Charlotte in their retro colored uniforms.

As some may know the New Orleans Hornets decided to change their name to the Pelicans before this NBA season. Since the Hornets moved from Charlotte they just decided to keep the mascot. Well now that no one has the Hornets team name in the NBA, the Charlotte team wants their name back. So starting next year the Charlotte Bobcats will be known once again as the Charlotte Hornets. Are you lost? Trust me every NBA fan at this point is. Seriously, try explaining this scenario in a couple of years when you forget all the details.

Now no word on what the official uniforms will look like but Michael Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, said in a statement that they will be bringing back the original purple and teal color scheme. Jordan also said in a release Sunday that ''it was important to us to acknowledge the heritage of the Charlotte Hornets when bringing the name back to the market'' and ''the purple and teal color scheme was instantly recognizable as being associated with the original Hornets.'' Now when I was kid my favorite NBA logos were the Vancouver Grizzlies, Toronto Raptors and the Charlotte Hornets. I will be glad to see the Hornets mascot back in Charlotte, but lets see if this name change actually helps the team win some games.