The Oscar-winning actor will be adding "college professor" to his resume as he teaches a film course at UT this coming semester.

As reported by Fox News, McConaughey will be teaching a Script to Screen film production class, which he's taught previously as a visiting professor over the past few years. McConaughey has also developed the curriculum for this semester, which will focus on the films “The Gentlemen” and “Mud", with the director of those films, Jeff Nichols, scheduled to visit the class.

In a press release, McConaughey said he wants to use this as an opportunity to prepare the next generation of filmmakers,

It’s the class I wish I would have had when I was in film school. Working in the classroom with these students gives me a chance to prepare them. Making movies, turning words on paper into film, is both a science and art – no matter the time or generation. The elements of truth and genuine joy for the process are timeless. That will always be our classroom focus.

McConaughey is a UT alumni, earning a film degree from the university in 1993. Noah Isenberg, chair of the Department of Radio-Television-Film, praised McConaughey, who has developed a reputation as a respected guest professor and mentor,

He has a passion for teaching, and for all things cinematic, that is palpable, even infectious.

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