Alright, alright, alright. 

Hollywood A-lister and Texas boy Matthew McConaughey announced on social media that he and his wife Camila will be putting on a virtual benefit for Texans who are suffering from the Winter Storm via the couple’s Just Keep Livin Foundation. 

While he didn’t provide any details, he did say that the benefit would happen in the next two weeks. McConaughey said to keep an eye on his socials for updates, especially his Instagram. In addition to benefit updates, he will also be making daily posts to inform people of how to stay safe, find resources and volunteer. 

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He urged Texans to get out and do whatever they could to help out in the meantime: 

Right now is the best time to safely check on your neighbors. Go knock on a door. Go volunteer. If you’re a have, please help out a have not. There’s a bunch of them. In your neighborhood, across the street, wherever you can get to if you can and it is needed, please do.

Even though McConaughey is already one of our most beloved fellow Texans, he may have just solidified his place as THE most beloved.

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