A Jacksonville man has found out the hard way that he shouldn’t steal Twinkies. When he tried to take off with some, the clerk at the store he was stealing from shot him!

Joseph Williams, an 18-year-old, was up to no good when he tried to take off with the snack cakes. When he tried to take off with them, the clerk showed him a gun and the thief took off running. The clerk went after him, and they ended up in a struggle, where the clerk’s gun went off.

Police used K-9 dogs to search for Williams, but didn’t find him. It was later that night when Williams walked into a hospital for a shot to the arm that police were able to finally arrest him.

I’m sure someone, somewhere, should have been able to provide this guy with the 99 cents needed to buy some Twinkies. They are, after all, a delightful snack and should be enjoyed by the masses. I’m just wondering if they’re good enough to get shot over. I’m thinking…. No.

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