For the record, I do not condone the use or growing of marijuana. I know, that puts me in a minority in most crowds but that's how I roll. (sorry)

Yet, every now and then a story comes along with such a great excuse for growing your own that I feel compelled to pass it along.

This story comes to us by way of in West Virginia.

It seems one Keefe Conroy, aged 44, and living in Buchannon, W. Va., was recently arrested and charged with cultivation of marijuana.

According to the report 16 plants were spotted during an aerial search by the West Virginia State Police Department. They were doing marijuana eradication detail at the time and Conroy's plants were discovered growing in his garden.

Then came the knock on his door by the police.

Then the discovery of more marijuana inside his house.

Then the trip downtown.

Then the excuse he had for maintaining those 16 plants.

I sure wish we had the video of the interrogation, I can picture the officers in attendance stifling back laughter and needing to leave the room to recover.

Why was this otherwise law-abiding gentleman forced into a life of crime and growing his own source of weed?

He didn't trust drug dealers.

Yup. He apparently decided that because of his paranoia of the purveyors of pot in his area he would need to grow his own. He said he needed the weed because he didn't like taking pain pills.

He may be right. But then again, he may not have been arrested if he hadn't had his own plants in the back yard..

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