Of course Texas is rooting for the Stars, but a lot of states are showing their love as well.

I am a massive Dallas Stars fan and I still can't believe the Stars have made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. Don't want to talk about last night's game, but the Stars are only down two games to one right now. Plenty of hockey left with four games remaining. It looks like the fine folks at The Score have released info on which states are talking about which team more.

Turns out only sixteen states are rooting for the Tampa Bay Lightening. The rest of the country or as I call them the awesome majority. They're rooting for the Dallas Stars. No idea what we did to piss off Utah, but they're the only state in the western part of the country not going for the Stars. Another surprise is Alabama since it is right next to Florida, they're going for the Stars.

Whatever happens over the next couple of days, it was a hell of ride to get here. The Stars started the year off by having the third highest attendance in NHL history for a game and who knows how this year could end for the team. As always, Go Stars!

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