Macaulay Culkin stopped by the home of the Angry Video Game Nerd to play games based on the first two 'Home Alone' movies.

As of late, Macaulay Culkin has been making to rounds on YouTube, guest starring on several YouTube shows to promote his new website, A while back he appeared on two episodes of the Austin-based YouTube show 'The Modern Rogue', and most recently he dropped in on James Rolfe, also known as 'The Angry Video Game Nerd' to play several versions of games based on his two 'Home Alone' movies.

The response from the AVGN's fans has been tremendous, with over 3 million views in the four days since the video was released.

Its very clear to see that Culkin and Rolfe had a great time filming this episode, and Culkin stuck around to appear on another show on Rolfe's channel, Cinemassacre, to play another adaptation of one of his movies, 'The Pagemaster'.

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