A Los Angeles team has not played in Dallas since the early 90s. The Los Angeles Rams make their first debut in Arlington this weekend. 

Depending on who you ask, the Rams are either a Los Angeles Team or a Saint Louis team. Growing up in the 90s, I consider them a Saint Louis team. Especially with the greatest show on turf teams with Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk. The Rams have now moved back to Los Angeles and are trying to regrow that fanbase.

Over the years, the Cowboys have faced the Rams 32 times with the Cowboys leading the series record 17-15. The last time the Rams were a Los Angeles team and played the Boys is actually a very important year. November 15, 1992, this would be the year the Cowboys won the first Super Bowl from those dominate 90s teams. The Cowboys only lost three games that year. One of them is to the Los Angeles Rams.

If we're talking only Los Angeles Rams teams. The Cowboys have a losing record. From 1960-1992 the Cowboys went 12-13 against the Rams. That record also includes playoffs. Speaking of playoffs. Those Cowboys teams of the 70s played the Rams a lot in the playoffs. 1973,1976,1977 and 1979 teams all had to get past the Rams to try to win that Lombardi trophy. The 80s also had some love, with the 1980, 1983 and 1985 teams facing off against each other.

What is on the line for the game this week? Get the Cowboys to 3-1 with a victory. Which would be the 23rd time the Cowboys have started the season with that record. Plus be the second straight year to start like that. Keep the undefeated streak going against 2017 NFC opponents.

The Cowboys have currently won three straight against the Rams. If they win on Sunday, this will up that to four. Which would be the longest winning streak against the Rams in Cowboys history. The most the Cowboys have won straight against the Rams is three and they have done that twice. From 1973-1975 and currently since 2011 to 2014.

The game kickoffs at noon and pregame starts at 11. Remember you can listen to every Dallas Cowboys game on NewsTalk 1290. 

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