Simeon Hendrix stopped into the studio today to talk about the 3rd annual Weapons of Mass Creation Festival. The festival takes place in Cleveland on June 8th-10th. Hendrix has been chosen to document the event, which has been drawing large crowds each year.

With 20 speakers, 20 graphic designers, and over 30 bands slated to be at the Weapons of Mass Creation Festival this year, it has been compared to SXSW in its early years. Being chosen to document the happenings at the festival is a huge honor, but getting there costs money.

Hendrix is seeking donations to cover his expenses, and some local businesses have chipped in funds to help cover costs. Travel, food, and equipment are the main factors, and any monies taken in above those actual costs will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Wichita Falls. Additionally, all funds from the screening in July will go toward that cause.

T-shirts will be available in the coming week or so, and information on where to purchase them will be posted on Simeon’s web site. You can also follow him on Facebook, and more information about the festival is available here.

Wichita Falls is a great community for banding together and helping out local artists, and I’m excited to see someone local chosen as the person to document this up-and-coming festival.

Listen to my interview with Simeon Hendrix about the Weapons of Mass Creation Festival: