Screw the cold, I can't wait for the warmer weather to get back.

As I run the space heater in the studio and my feet are finally starting to thaw out from walking through the snow. Let's talk about weather in Wichita Falls. We know it's going to stay frozen the next few days, but let's look forward to warmer weather being here before you know it.


The bad thing about warmer weather coming to Wichita Falls? Tornado season is going to be here before you know it. Tornado season peak time of the year is May and June. However, living in Wichita Falls we have all heard of Terrible Tuesday with a massive tornado that struck our town on an April day back in 1979.


Me personally growing up on the East Coast, didn't really have to deal with tornadoes. Hearing the monthly siren go off every first Monday of the month still freaks me out a bit for a few seconds. I know some folks love this time of the year because they decide to go storm chasing. Me personally, I like to hunker down at home when the weather gets crazy.

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Some of you want to get up close and personal with these things. However, this afternoon, I decided to look up the most viewed storm chasing videos from Wichita Falls ever. This way we can sit back and relax without getting sucked up by one of these things. Check out the top ten videos of all time below.

  • 1


    Video By Pecos Hank
  • 2

    Tornado touching down - Wichita Co, TX - April 7, 2008

    Video by Reed Timmer
  • 3

    *Live* Storm Chase Texas 4/27/21 #2

    Video by Meso Mike
  • 4

    April 30, 2019 • Charlie, Texas Tornado (Just Northeast of Wichita Falls)

    Video by Texas Storm Chasers
  • 5

    4/23/2014 Wichita Falls Texas Severe Storms & Extreme Hail

    Video by Stormchasing Video
  • 6

    Supercell Thunderstorm- Wichita Falls/Archer City, TX 5.28.12

    Video By Scott McPartland - Extreme Weather Photography
  • 7

    The DREAM Storm Chase - Earth, TX - 5/16/21

    Video By Jonny G. Storm Chasing
  • 8

    Damaging Tornado Near Wichita Falls TX!

    Video by Blake Brown Photography
  • 9

    4/7/08 Wichita County Storm Towers timelapse

    Video by shadowchaser777
  • 10

    Storm chase in northwest Texas, April 13, 2007

    Video by Earl Faubion

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