I don't know about you, but I will be rooting for the local guy in American Idol this year.

There was a period of time where American Idol was the biggest thing on television. The show is currently on it's 21st season so congrats and have a beer American Idol. Looks like someone from Lawton, Oklahoma took part in the auditions over in Las Vegas earlier this year to see if they had what it takes to make the show.

23-Year-Old PJAE from Lawton, Oklahoma

Now PJAE already has some music up online and since his performance went viral this week. I figured I would show him some love. So far he has two songs posted which you can check out above and below. Obviously performing on American Idol, you mainly do cover songs. Nice to see he already has some original music ready to go.

Keep Scrolling for PJAE's American Idol Audition

I would say the hardest judge to get on your side in these newer seasons of American Idol would be Luke Bryan. Even he had high praise for PJAE after his audition.

“The kid can sing. Hallelujah, said Lionel Richie”


“I’ve been saying a lot of no’s this year… to get to someone like you,” said Luke Bryan. “You just slayed all of that.”


“I think this was the first time today that I have felt a wave of chills so naturally,” said Katy Perry. “It was so beautiful, so effortless, so angelic and emotional.”

Watch PJAE's Audition Below

Best of luck to PJAE in his upcoming time in Hollywood. Hopefully we see you on the show for weeks to come.

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