In an alternate reality, Homer Simpson is drooling thinking about this soda. 

Who doesn't love a good doughnut? The only thing that sucks is all that chewing. Krispy Kreme has your back, now just drink that doughnut with their all new soda. Krispy Kreme's headquarters is in North Carolina and they have partnered with a North Carolina soda company called Cheerwine.

Cheerwine is a cherry flavored soda. They say this new soda has that cherry flavoring with a hint of that Krispy Kreme original glazed flavoring. It is appropriately called Cheerwine Kreme. Cheerwine soda is available at Cracker Barrel's General Store right here in Wichita Falls.

Before you get your hopes up. Looks like the Krispy Kreme soda is only available in parts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia for now. Some are reporting it tastes like a better Cherry Dr. Pepper - something Texans take a lot of pride in.

A soda better than Dr. Pepper? What is this witchcraft?

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