Jerry Jones spares no expense and he definitely went all out on his brand new toy.

Jerry Jones has the most profitable sports franchise in the world. He has the Dallas Cowboys worth 4.8 billion dollars. The next closest franchise is Manchester United worth 4.1 billion dollars. So Jerry Jones has some cash to burn from time to time. He recently decided to buy a yacht and man did he buy a yacht.

Jerry bought the 109M Oceanco Bravo Y718, basically a mega yacht. This thing is longer than the football field that the Cowboys play on in AT&T Stadium. Jerry has named it the Bravo Eugenia after his wife Gene Jones. This thing has two helipads, a garage for water vehicles, a gym and a beach club, among other luxurious amenities.

Above is a video of this thing on the sea. This is not the actual one that Jerry bought, but it's the same model. In case you were wondering, Jerry bought the Cowboys for $140 million in 1989. He spent $250 million on this yacht.

Yes, with inflation, the Cowboys were still worth more in 1989 than this yacht. With inflation, that price is $286,417,925.31. Still, that is a lot of money to spend on a yacht. I can't ever imagine having that kind of spending cash.

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