While many teams are announcing no fans in attendance, Jerry is ready to pack AT&T Stadium. Well, sort of.

Jerry Jones just had his first training camp press conference and this year questions were different. Maybe in years past it was about a big contract or an injury. This year, the questions are, do you see the Cowboys playing football in 2020?

"The Dallas Cowboys plan on playing all of our football games and we plan on playing in front of our fans," Jerry Jones said. "We all know what's going on in this country today. A 50-50 debate about going to school, a 50-50 debate on wearing masks. It's all about a challenge. I think it's important. I think it's important for our country. The NFL can be an inspirational part of how we address COVID, not only this year but how we go into 2021."

The last update from Governor Abbott said outdoor venues can open at 50% capacity. So what does this mean for the Cowboys? I guess the roof and side doors will be open for all home games? Jerry did mention having the side doors open in the end zones. He also said the side doors could create a unique "naturally-built" air flow that should help the fans during this pandemic as well.

"I'm really proud of that we have this stadium to work with," Jones said. "We'll adhere to all protocols. We'll adapt them to the uniqueness of our stadium. I think we're going to be able to have a great experience. I'm confident we will have a very educated situation with our fans."

We will see if the NFL comes down with an official policy for fans in attendance at games. It seems like Roger Goodell is letting teams decide what they want to do. The NFL did announce back in July that all fans would be required to wear masks at all 2020 games.

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