I have gotten extremely pissed off after some Cowboys games, but never enough to make me cry. Well the owner can recall three instances where his emotions got the better of him.

I had heard a rumor that Jerry Jones cried after a New York Giants game. I thought it would have been after the opening of Cowboys Stadium (now AT&T Stadium). That stadium is Jerry Jones' baby, with everyone out there calling it Jerry World. I like the Death Star nickname better, but that's just the Star Wars nerd in me. If you remember the first game in the new stadium was against the New York Giants where the Giants kicked a field goal in the final minute to win the game.You build this billion dollar stadium and the first game you lose. I would imagine that being heartbreaking.

Turns out my pick was wrong, it was the Giants and Cowboys playoff game in 2007 where the Cowboys were the number one seed. That was actually my first year in Texas and in my head I thought me moving down here brought the Cowboys some luck. If you remember the Cowboys were 13-3 and it was a team stacked with players.Jerry Jones recalls the game.

"Oh my goodness, I resent to this day the Giants coming in here a few years back and beating us with home field advantage and then winning the Super Bowl,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Tuesday. “I admire it, but I resent it. I will always remember it. So it doesn’t take me much to get riled up over going to New York."

Jerry recalls two other incidents in which the tears started flowing after games. After the 1994 NFC Championship game, when the Cowboys lost to the eventual Super Bowl Champion San Francisco 49ers. If the Cowboys would have gone onto win that Super Bowl, they would have been the first team in NFL history to win three straight. I could imagine having high hopes for that season and then have it all come crashing down.

The final game was actually not a playoff game at all, in fact it was the first game of the season that year. It was also the first game for the Houston Texans, EVER. The Houston Texans showed up to the NFL in 2002 and their first game was against the other Texas team. The Dallas Cowboys I am sure wanted to prove who the better Texas team was. Unfortunately the Cowboys lost that game and Houston had bragging rights for that season.

I have never cried after a game, but I have gotten really angry. Hands down the angriest I ever got was the wild card game in Seattle in 2006. The Cowboys had not won a playoff game since 1996 and all they had to do was make an easy field goal to win. If you're a Cowboys fan you know what incident I am talking about, the infamous Romo fumbled hold. It still gives me nightmares to this day.

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