The New England Patriots automated Twitter system will be receiving a fine from the commissioner for it's actions.

Well I guess congratulations are in order for the New England Patriots. They're the first NFL team to have one million Twitter followers. To mark the occasion they decided to put the one millionth Twitter followers name on the back of a Patriots jersey. Here's the problem, your name can be whatever you want on Twitter. Saying this guys name was a little racist would be an understatement.


Yes, that is the official New England Patriots account that tweeted out. They said their filtering system failed, but I am sure someone had it setup to put whatever name was the one millionth on the back of a jersey. The Patriots tried to quickly delete the tweet, but the damage was done. The Patriots did later apologize because of the incident. In case you were wondering the Cowboys have 987,000 followers, come on Cowboys Nation step it up.