Philip Anselmo has combined his monstrous vocals with actor Jason Momoa on Scour's new song “Doom.” The song is taken from Scour’s new EP, The Black EP, which completes the band’s trilogy of color.

Anselmo and Momoa performed together at Slayer's final show, jamming Pantera's "This Love" in front of a sold-out arena crowd.. There’s currently no word on if that’s when they agreed to collaborate together, but a friendship between Anselmo and the actor has bared fruits in the form of “Doom.”

“Doom” is absolutely filth-ridden, crushing with massive blast beats and tremolo guitar picking. The three-minute song is capped off by fierce blackened death metal vocals from Anselmo and Momoa. Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan also guests on the track, ripping a guitar solo on “Doom.”

"The latest SCOUR is the best SCOUR," Anselmo declares. “This is our most fierce and ripping album to date,” adds guitarist Derek Engemann. “Completing the EP trilogy, The Black EP brings a more mature musical approach without compromising the utter relentless brutality. We've got a few special gems as well that I'm stoked for people to hear."

The instrumental section of Scour is completed by Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s John Jarvis, Pig Destroyer’s Adam Jarvis and Misery Index’s Mark Kloppel. The Black EP will be released Nov. 27. Click here to pre-order the EP. (As Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases)

Listen to “Doom” in the player below.


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