Actor Jason Momoa continues to live his best life, with his love of rock and metal leading him to a hangout and jam session with Primus bass king Les Claypool.

According to Claypool, the Aquaman actor visited his Claypool Cellars winery, where they shared a boat ride, hung out and then Claypool provided some tips to Momoa on how to play "My Name Is Mud." The actor jokes about hoping that they were filming in slow motion so he could figure out how Claypool achieved the classic bass part.

But the fun doesn't stop there as Claypool then has Momoa play bass while he steps behind the drum kit for a jam. You can see the photos and some video from the trip by scrolling through the Instagram post below.

Momoa has often shared his love for heavier music. Earlier this year he appeared in an Ozzy Osbourne trailer. He also teased the new Metallica S&M2 album with an unboxing video. Plus, he's even consulted with metal vocalist Oli Peters of Archspire of how to achieve a great metal scream.

Earlier this year, Momoa received a vintage custom made Fender P-Bass for his birthday. Picking up the instrument and playing it for the first time, he rocked a bit of Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Higher Ground" on it.

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