Rock and metal-loving actor Jason Momoa took the opportunity to rock a Red Hot Chili Peppers tune when he recently received a new Fender Precision Bass as an early birthday present.

The Aquaman star shared footage of the exchange on Instagram after Vincent Van Trigt, a Master Builder with the Fender Custom Shop, gifted the vintage-styled P-Bass to Momoa. The actor looked to be taking a break from filming in the video from July 31, just a day shy of Momoa's 41st birthday.

And what better song to break in a bass guitar than Red Hot Chili Peppers' 1989 take on Stevie Wonder's classic "Higher Ground"?

Resting the bass on his knee, Momoa slapped out a couple of the opening bars from the version found on the Chili Peppers' fourth album, Mother's Milk. The rendition is where bassist Flea emulates the unmistakable note progression that originated from Wonder's signature clavinet.

Although it doesn't look like it, Momoa's instrument is indeed a new one. The P-Bass he received shows a heavy application of the Fender Custom Shop's Relic treatment. Before giving it to the actor, Van Trigt showed off the finished four-string axe along with the two neck options he was considering.

Yet he apparently couldn't decide on just one, because the extra maple neck was included in the gift to Momoa. As presented to the star, the immaculately distressed instrument came affixed with a Precision Bass neck sporting a rosewood fingerboard. Other accouterments on the bass include a gold anodized aluminum pick guard, a thumb rest, and chrome bridge and pickup covers.

Apart from his film work, Momoa is known for his tendency to rock. Across his social media outposts are numerous instances of the actor plucking a bass or guitar. Not to mention the times he's portrayed Ozzy, sung with Pantera's Philip Anselmo, recruited a death metal vocalist for screaming lessons and spoke of his love for Tool and Metallica.

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