Tye Trujillo was the latest guest on Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio program, discussing the numerous projects he's been involved with and, primarily, quite a lot surrounding his primary band OTTTO and their new album, Life Is a Game.

The 18-year-old has already accomplished quite a lot musically, but he doesn't let any of it get to his head or portray any inflated sense of ego. Much like his father (Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo, whom he doesn't mind being associated with all the time), Tye exudes a sense of calm and cool, just happy to be out there writing and playing music with those close to him.

Even when his participation in the viral Stranger Things scene which features his guitar playing on "Master of Puppets," he views it as contributing to part of a greater whole, hoping to break heavy music to a wide, young audience.

Read the full chat below.

We are here to talk about your band, OTTTO, The Helmets, Blue Weekend, Suspect 208, not to mention Suicidal Tendencies and Korn. That is an impressive resume when most people your age are still jamming in the garage. What drives you to be so productive?

It's just think it's mainly the creativity aspect — writing new music with my friends keeps all of us going.

You play bass, but you are also a multi-instrumentalist. How does that musical acumen plus OTTTO being a trio allow you to expand upon that traditional role of a bass player?

It really helps me write because the other instrument I play is guitar. Sometimes I'll start a song like by creating a riff on the guitar. I'll bring it to the band and then I'll create a bass line for it that's completely different than what I came up with on the guitar. It really helps with the creative process.

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Life Is a Game focuses on song structure, harmonies and an overall flow to the album. What was your "A-ha!" moment in terms of better understanding the construction of music?

We started this album a long time ago, so when we wrapped everything up and finished all the recordings, it was one of those moments where we're just super stoked that everything was finished. It took a lot of work to get everything done. There was that moment of, "Hell yeah, I got this done, I finished it. It's time to get this out there."

Let's talk about Stranger Things because it's a pretty big deal. What made contributing to the culture of that series so appealing?

I had heard about the show before and I knew it was quite popular. When I heard that they wanted "Master Puppets" to be on the show I thought that was really cool cuz that'll bring rock and metal music back to a level where it was in the past. At least it would help do that. I was thinking it would be cool to be a part of that and be able to bring more metal music and rock music among the youth.

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Any media mention always seems to connect you with your dad. What's advantageous and frustrating about being associated with an accomplished father?

Instead of being frustrated, I'd like to just accept it how it is. There's certain pressure that people expect you to be extremely good, so I just try to be the best I can be to deal with that. I don't personally see it as as frustrating. I try to not view it that way.

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You're always doing a bunch of different things. What does the rest of 2023 look like for you?

I'll be, be doing some OTTTO shows and we've got some festival dates lined up at the end of May with both Suicidal and OTTTO. I've got my other band Feed the Beast and we're releasing some new music soon. Keep your eye open to that.

There's a lot of exciting stuff coming out, so be prepared to hear it.

Thanks to Tye Trujillo for the interview. Get your copy of OTTTO's 'Life Is a Game' here and follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify. Find out where you can hear Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio show here.

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