A priest who had some strong words for a wedding photographer is now facing backlash following a recently-released video of the incident.

Julieanne Whyte runs a photography business, specializing in capturing the best moments of couples' weddings. It only takes one look at the breathtaking shots on her website to know Whyte is a pro.

Apparently a priest needed more proof of her credentials before officiating a recent wedding Whyte was hired to photograph.

Video Shows Priest's Outburst At Photographer

Whyte said she debated on whether to release a video that clearly showed a priest sternly speaking to her before the start of the ceremony. She eventually published the video on TikTok saying "this happens way too often to photographers and videographers..."

In the video, we see the priest so close to Whyte, his face isn't even in the shot.

"I'm in charge here, I'm in charge here," he says pointing a finger at the photographer. "You disrupt me with that camera and I will give you such a glare."

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Whyte claims she was only in the spot for two minutes before the start of the ceremony. She appeared to be off to the side, and not even right in the middle of the action.

So, why was this guy so mad?

Judging by the comments, few are siding with the priest on this one.

Petition Started To Address Clergy's Treatment Of Photographers

The scene from Whyte's viral video was not surprising to other photographers in the wedding business. PetaPixel.com reported that another photographer has started a petition to get someone to address outbursts from the church on wedding days.

The petition has already been signed by more than 900 people. But, really, who is in charge here?

The priest is presiding over the ceremony, but the photographer doesn't work for him. She was hired by the couple who shelled out thousands of dollars for their special day.

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