A Houston mother was found dead near her 2-year-old son, who was left alone and whimpering. 


The discovery was made by the Houston Police Department on Monday after officers responded to a distress call at a residence. Officers were unable to make contact at first, but when they returned to the area they discovered a gruesome scene.

Assistant Chief Patricia Cantu of the Houston Police Department detailed the sequence of events that unfolded. After gaining entry into the home, officers found the doors of two upstairs bedrooms secured with wires. Upon forcibly entering one of these rooms, they found the young child unharmed but alone. The mother's body was located in the second bedroom, marking a grim end to the search.


The suspect, who was later revealed to be the boyfriend of the deceased and not the father of the child, had fled the scene. He contacted his daughter while en route to Louisiana, confessing to the killing. However, upon his arrival in Port Allen, Louisiana, law enforcement was waiting for him. In a shocking conclusion, the suspect committed suicide.


The 2-year-old boy, fortunately unharmed, was placed under the care of Child Protective Services, with plans for him to be reunited with other family members. This incident has shaken the local community, leaving many to mourn the loss and rally around the young child left behind and daughters who's life will forever be changed.

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