Today, we're here to shed light on some of the most lamest and weak cities that Texas has to offer. 

Two individuals, self-styled as the San Antonio Island Boys, seem to think they've gathered ample life experiences in our wonderful state to offer their insights on the least exciting cities. Personally, I commend them for taking on this civic responsibility



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If you're unfamiliar with the original Island boys, let me provide you with a brief summary. These twin brothers rose to fame on TikTok, primarily for their mischievous antics or perhaps their attempt at becoming rappers – it's a bit ambiguous. The video you're about to see is a Cameo appearance that pretty much encapsulates their entire act.

Like any widespread trend, there are bound to be imitators. Are you a look-alike? Do you sport questionable tattoos, even on your face? Is your haircut far from ideal? Are your talents hard to pinpoint?

Perhaps it's the moment to kickstart your very own "Island Boy" venture. In San Antonio, a pair of young men seized that opportunity. Brace yourself as we present the San Antonio Island Boys' ranking of the 5 least appealing cities in Texas.

Beerland,  Roundrock, Midland, Killeen, and Irving.

No context, no explanations given. Just the list. I found it amusing how they reiterated 'Texas' after mentioning each city, as if to remind us of the Texan connection. Did you also observe the camera cutting after every city's name? Perhaps listing all five in a single take proved too challenging. The responses displayed a wide range of reactions.

Seriously, how are you going to call anything lame when you obviously are cutting each other's hair with a crooked cereal bowl?

I love that this person tries to defend Killeen. This list has no merit, my friend.



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