Let me start by saying I feel very safe living here in Texas. Even though I don’t live in some gated community with security officers, I have left my door unlocked and once even left my garage door open on accident. Luckily in both of those instances I never had any trouble or unwanted guests show up. But in an effort to feel more safe more and more families are installing doorbell cameras at their house. Now if a police officer requests to see your videos do you have to show them? Let’s discuss law enforcement and doorbell cameras in Texas. 

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While we currently don’t have a doorbell camera installed at our house, it is something that my wife and I have discussed. Yes, we have other means of protection, but we hope that those measures never have to be used. But there are thousands and thousands of homes across Texas with the doorbell cameras and many of them have been asked to send videos to law enforcement to assist with an on-going investigation.  

Do You Have to Share Doorbell Camera Videos with Police in Texas? 

The popular doorbell camera company Ring has a social network called “Neighbors” which helps officers identify who has a doorbell camera and could potentially help them with their case. But legally, if an officer requests the video and you don’t want to share it with them, you don’t have to.  

There is One Way for Police to Get Your Video 

If there is a warrant or subpoena issued by a judge, or you have footage that could have potentially life-threatening footage there are ways that law enforcement can get your camera footage without permission. But most times they will ask you first, and these instances don’t happen often.  

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