The color of Thanksgiving was yellow, so many penalty flags were thrown the other day. It is now the most in team history.

I was at the Thanksgiving game this year and wanted to write this story yesterday. Decided to sit on it for 24 hours so I didn't have F-Bombs every two seconds writing this. You were not going crazy on Thanksgiving, a TON of flags were thrown. As of right now, this is most penalty yards against the Cowboys EVER.

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28 flags in total were thrown on Thanksgiving. What's crazy, dead even. Fourteen for the Raiders, fourteen for the Cowboys. Raiders penalties cost them 110 yards, while the Cowboys cost them 166 yards (most in team history). You hate to point to one guy, but Anthony Brown made up more than half of these penalty yards. Four pass interference calls, all on third downs, resulting in 91 yards in penalties on him alone.

This one above is from overtime that pretty much sealed the game. If you don't turn around to make a play on the ball, they're flagging you 100% of the time. The Cowboys have now lost two straight and you would think they would have a long week because of Thanksgiving. Nope, they play this coming Thursday in New Orleans.

Hopefully the Cowboys clean up these penalties before then. By the way, I know a lot of those penalties were crap in the game. Including this one above that got called on Micah Parsons. You maybe wondering what the most penalized game in NFL history is?


That would be back in 1951 with the Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns. 37 flags were thrown on that day for 376 yards in penalties. The Cowboys and Raiders combined for 276 on Thanksgiving, so could have been worse.

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