Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson is among the best when it comes to commanding the stage, but what about a dance floor? Fans got the answer to that questions when footage of the singer boogying at his son Austin's wedding emerged online.

The 31-year-old son of the Maiden frontman and his wife, Liz, got married just over one week ago at a celebration that was attended by a number of guests. In a photo slideshow on Instagram, Austin, who is the vocalist in alt-metal group As Lions, shared images and video clips from the ceremony and it appears there was a loose dinosaur theme to the wedding with a pair of Tyrannosaurus' topping the cake.

As lovely as the post is, it's other videos (seen further below) that have surfaced of the elder Dickinson, who attended with his girlfriend Leana Dolci, in a Hawaiin-styled Iron Maiden The Book of Souls button-down shirt tearing it up on the dance floor. Well, depending on what your definition of "tearing it up" is, of course.

Fine... we'll come right out and say it — dude has some awkward dance moves! In completely fairness, the same can be said for a lot of us, right? Bruce is the singer in an all-time great metal band, an airline captain, an author, a highly skilled fencing competitor, entrepreneur and more, so it's kind of nice to see there's a limit on just how many things one individual can excel at.

One of the dancing videos has even been overdubbed with part of the song "Iron Maiden," which is a real cherry-topper.

Iron Maiden's "The Legacy of the Beast" tour returns to North American in September and you can get tickets here.

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