While Dr. Pepper is a staple of Texas, do you ever wonder how people not familiar with the nectar of the gods would take to it?

If you're not familiar with the TRY Channel, you're definitely missing out. Trying American flavors of Dr. Pepper is definitely on the tamer end of their taste test videos, with their more popular videos showing their cast trying alcohols that would strip paint off a house.

For their video released today, this is actually their second go at Dr. Pepper, testing various flavors two years ago on their previous YouTube channel. This time around, they specify these to be "American" Dr. Pepper flavors like Original, Dark Berry, Cherry, and made with real sugar.

While they collectively like the original flavor, the criticisms get a little harsher as they go, equating it to looking like soy sauce and tasting like vinegar, and ridiculing the soda for using "made with real sugar" as a flavor and marketing ploy.

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