The police department thought they had a record amount of meth seized. Now this guy is trying to get his name cleared for having something a lot of people have in their homes. 

Ross Lebeau, of Cypress, Texas was pulled over back in December. After a search of his vehicle, Police thought they hit the drug bust of the year. They thought they found over a pound of meth in this guy's car. Did a field test and it came back positive for meth. This would have been one of the biggest drug busts in Harris County.

Last week the case was dismissed when the Institute of Forensic Science found that it wasn't meth after all. Turns out it was just harmless kitty litter. Lebeau says it was cat litter that had been stuffed in a sock. He says his dad left it in his car to keep the windows from fogging up. Which after a quick Google search, does appear to actually be a thing.

Lebeau, who spent three days in jail before his release, says he has missed work and the incident has caused him significant embarrassment. "People have been calling me 'kingpin' or 'drug lord'," since news of the "bust" circulated online, he said.

Lebeau said he doesn't blame the deputies, just the field tests, adding that he does want an apology. Before you think Lebeau is an innocent man. The reason officers searched his car is because they smelled marijuana in the vehicle. He did actually have that in the console of his vehicle.

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