I'm the definition of a fanatic, so my price is quite high.

If you know nothing about me, I'm a massive Dallas Cowboys fan. I have a Cowboys tattoo, I have the Dallas Cowboys truck, and the only reason I live in Wichita Falls is because the Cowboys practiced here back in the day. Yeah, I have a problem and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

So I'm loyal, but how loyal are other Dallas Cowboys fans? A new survey came out asking fans from every NFL franchise what amount of money it would take to start rooting for your team's rival? This means as a Cowboys fan, I would have to start rooting for the Redskins. I think of the Eagles as our most hated rival, but this survey says Redskins.

The Dallas Cowboys fans in the survey said they would have to be paid $187,666. I'm laughing at the 666 at the end of that number because it sounds like they just made a deal with the devil. This survey says the Cowboys were the most popular team in survey (Duh!). Also, they're the most hated team in the NFL(Another Duh!). Bad news, they're not the most loyal fan base.

Turns out one of the least popular teams in the NFL, the Los Angeles Chargers have the highest price tag. Their fans said $700,112 to start rooting for the Oakland Raiders. I mean if you're a Chargers fan, I guess you're loyal. The lowest price tag in the NFL? The Tennessee Titans, their fans said they would need only $4,414 to start rooting for the Bears? The Bears? Wouldn't it be the Texans? Whatever.


So, we have come to the end of this story and I know what you're thinking. What is your price to start rooting for the Redskins? I actually have a number. Four hundred million dollars. With that amount of money I could do whatever I wanted the rest of my life. I would be taking away something that brings me a lot of joy, but with that cash I could find new things to do with my time. I would still miss the Cowboys though.

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